M-KEM 24 Hour Pharmacy has taken safe operating procedures during the COVID19 Pandemic to the next level! Besides the normal protocol of sanitization at entrances, plexi-glass protective screens, masks and demarcated social distancing areas, M-KEM has introduced the following to ensure extra precaution when it comes to the safety of our customers and staff –

M-KEM receives a thorough sanitation process implemented by an approved sanitation supplier – EVERY WEEK

We have a state of the art Temperature monitoring walk though unit at the main entrance along with security sanitizing and monitoring
numbers into the pharmacy

M-KEM has introduced a NEW Parking area dedicated for ill or compromised patients to be assisted at their vehicles with their prescriptions and other required items without them having to leave their vehicles. Every attempt is made to prepare the prescription beforehand so that the process is quick and efficient.

If you would like to make use of this special service, please contact our dispensary to make the necessary arrangements.

At M-KEM 24 Hour Pharmacy safety comes first – JUST FOR YOU.

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Prescriptions: rx@mkem.co.za

021 948 5706

021 948 5706

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